Sharkey Hill Pre-School WILL NOT OPERATE THIS SCHOOL YEAR 2017 -2018

Is an award-winning community-based centre that provides for the development and early education of up to 17 pre-school children. We provide a stimulating and safe environment for children and are open 38 weeks per year from 9am-12pm. We cater for children aged from 2 years 6 months up to 5 years 6 months during the school year.

Children can get involved in a wide range of activities, from sand and water play, art, construction and table-top activities to imaginative play using the age-appropriate toys and materials provided. Play is the foundation for children’s learning and is how they begin to understand and process the world around them. It develops creativity and imagination, reading, thinking and problem solving skills as well as involving the practice and refining of motor skills.


Pre-School Curriculum

At Sharkey Hill Pre-School, we subscribe to the HighScope Early Childhood Method, which is based on the theory that children learn by actively doing. It is believed that children learn best through active experiences with the people they socialise with, the materials they encounter, events they become involved in and ideas they have, rather than through direct, orchestrated teaching or sequenced exercises. Our HighScope-trained staff are specifically trained to facilitate the individual needs and responses of the children.


Daily Routine

The HighScope daily routine provides consistent but flexible structure for children and adults in the group. The routine is divided into different segments:

  • Planning Time
  • Work Time
  • Snack Time
  • Tidy-Up Time
  • Recall Time
  • Lunch Time
  • Large Group Time
  • Small Group Time
  • Outside Time

Outdoor play is an important part of our daily routine and provides the children with opportunities to develop their gross motor skills in a safe and secure environment. We have a stimulating outdoor area which includes a covered soft play area, lawn, willow tunnel, climbing board, slide, digging and growing areas and outdoor sand box where children can practice their skills and explore the natural world. The pre-school is also located adjacent to the Greenway and a community playground which we also often visit.

Sharkey Hill pre-school participates in the ECCE & Subvention Funding Schemes. For further information regarding these schemes  email via our online form